August 2018 Newsletter

Staff News

As we are a relatively new setting we are constantly evolving as a staff team. We are making some changes to staff job roles, this is to make sure staff have roles that they can excel in and that each room has a strong team to give the children the best experience possible! Below is a list of our staff and their job role going forward from September! As we have such a small staff team the impact on the children will be minimal as they are all so familiar with the staff.

Laura Yates – Owner

Astone Mackintosh-Smith – Area Manager & Forest School Leader

Harriet Edwards – Manager & Koala Bears Room Leader

Amy Sides – Polar Bears Room Leader

Charlotte Corbett – Panda Bears Room Leader

Laura Wragg – Koala Bears Key Worker

If you have any questions regarding the changes please speak to Laura Y, Astone or Harriet or email:


Dress Up & Celebration Days

At Sandy Bears we think it is important to follow the interests of the children to extend their learning! We are going to be doing some dress up and celebration days this year and all of our daily activities will be centered on this interest! If your child has a particular interest at home please let us know and we can develop this here J

Monday 24th September – Chinese Festival of the Autumn Moon

Wednesday 31st October – Halloweeeeeen

Tuesday 20th November – Animals!


First Aid

Congratulations to Charlotte who has recently completed her Paediatric First Aid course. First Aid is paramount to us and we go over and above the recommended ‘one member of staff trained on site’ and train all of our staff in First Aid. All staff that we employ are trained in First Aid. This is especially important when small children are eating, we ensure a member of staff is always sat with children monitoring their eating to make sure they stay safe. We always cut our grapes lengthways to avoid choking and have banned certain foods (such as marshmallows) to lower the risk of choking to all children J If you would like any other information on our First Aid policy please speak to any member of staff.



From September all of our pre-schoolers will be required to wear a uniform and have a book bag! Wearing a uniform will give the pre-schoolers a sense of identity as a new cohort and separate them from their peers in our setting. It will also prepare them for the routine of wearing a uniform at school which is a big part of our school readiness programme. The book bag will allow them to become responsible for some of their belongings and to take work back and forth between setting and home which will also prepare them for this routine at home.

Please pick up an order form from Polar Bears Room so you can let us know which sizes you require! There will be 1x book bag, 1x polo shirt and 1x jumper added to your September bill and any extras you may require can be ordered in the ‘extras’ section below!

If you have any questions about this please speak to Astone or Harriett.



We have again been making lots of developments in our setting. We have had the fencing installed in our forest garden which ensures we can utilise this amazing space whilst keeping the children safe. We are so lucky that Cholmondeley Estate are allowing us to develop this into an exciting and diverse learning space that will develop children’s social bonds and their self-esteem as they become involved in this process!

Inside the girls have been hard at work developing some new areas! We have an amazing new phonics area for our Polar Bears which is extending their literacy learning in free play. The Panda bears have a new geo board which allows them to use loose parts with a specific focus set by staff. The Koalas are enjoying lots of new resources in their room including new areas and a fidget board. All the children have an amazing new Water Wall outside which promotes team work and lots of mathematical concepts and skills.


Photo Books

We are asking parents to provide us with pictures from home of familiar people in your child’s life. We will then make these into booklets that children can flick through which will not only comfort them but encourage them to talk about their life outside of Sandy Bears. Simply hand these pictures to your child’s key worker/room leader and they will make your child’s personal booklet J



You will be receiving your reports in the next few weeks. The reports will cover all areas of development for your child, what they have achieved and what they are working towards. There will be an area for you to make your own comment and return it for your child’s file, if you would like a copy to keep please ask your key worker and this will be sent out for you J


Term Dates

Our term dates are as follows…

Term 1 – Monday 3rd September – Friday 26th October

Half Term Hol Club – 29th October – 2nd November

Term 2 – Monday 5th November – Thursday 20th December

Xmas Holiday Club – Friday 21st December

Xmas Shut Down – Monday 24th December – Wednesday 2nd January

Xmas Holiday Club – Wednesday 2nd January – Friday 4th January

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