June 2018 Newsletter

Staff News

We would like to welcome Charlotte to our team, you will have already met Charlotte as she started in April. Charlotte is a Qualified Teacher who also holds EYT status. Charlotte has been a key worker in our Panda Room but you may see her in our other rooms too J

Laura will be returning from her maternity leave in September but you may see her around over the summer and you will all be able to meet or catch up with her at our Sports Day (details below!), she is always available by email alongside Astone too!

Upcoming Dates

Term 6 – 4th June – 26th July

Summer – 27th July – 31st August

Please remember to book in any holiday club dates early to avoid disappointment!

Sports Day – 14th July 10am-12pm

Our Sports Day is held at the bottom of Castle Farm (there will be signposts from Sandy Bears!). With our glorious weather children will need hats suncream and lots of water! Please feel free to bring a picnic and chairs and even a gazebo if it is very hot! The children will enjoy a session from KT Sports before we begin the races! All family and friends welcome!

Dress Up & Celebration Days

At Sandy Bears we think it is important to follow the interests of the children to extend their learning! We are going to be doing some dress up and celebration days this year and all of our daily activities will be centered on this interest! If your child has a particular interest at home please let us know and we can develop this here J

Tuesday 10th  July – Builders & Construction

Thursday 16th August – Around the World

Monday 24th September – Chinese Festival of the Autumn Moon

Wednesday 31st October – Halloweeeeeen


On Thursday 26th July we will be holding a Graduation party for all of our pre-schoolers who will be moving up to school. We ask that parents and any other carers who wish to attend come for 9.10am to share the morning with us, we aim to be done by 10am so any parents who need to go back to work will be able J If you have any questions please let a member of staff know!

Recommendation Incentive

We have been overwhelmed by the response to our setting and lots of new parents have come to us on the recommendation of other families. To thank our current parents for this we are starting a referral incentive. Any parents who recommend us to a new family who then sign up will receive a free session! There is no limit to how many sessions you can receive, the family signing up simply need to name you on their registration forms! J

First Aid

Congratulations to Amy who has recently completed her Paediatric First Aid course. First Aid is paramount to us and we go over and above the recommended ‘one member of staff trained on site’ and train all of our staff in First Aid. All bar one staff member (who is booked on an August course) are trained in First Aid. This is especially important when small children are eating, we ensure a member of staff is always sat with children monitoring their eating to make sure they stay safe. We always cut our grapes lengthways to avoid choking and have banned certain foods (such as marshmallows) to lower the risk of choking to all children J If you would like any other information on our First Aid policy please speak to any member of staff.


From September all of our pre-schoolers will be required to wear a uniform and have a book bag! Wearing a uniform will give the pre-schoolers a sense of identity as a new cohort and separate them from their peers in our setting. It will also prepare them for the routine of wearing a uniform at school which is a big part of our school readiness programme. The book bag will allow them to become responsible for some of their belongings and to take work back and forth between setting and home which will also prepare them for this routine at home.

At the bottom of the newsletter is an order form where you can let us know which sizes you require! There will be 1x book bag, 1x polo shirt and 1x jumper added to your September bill and any extras you may require can be ordered in the ‘extras’ section below!

If you have any questions about this please speak to Astone or Harriett.


You may have noticed some changes around our setting! We have been developing our display boards with lots of information of things we have been doing in our rooms so feel free to have a look when you drop off or collect! Our garden has had some new grass to ensure we have plenty of space for play and to explore our resources. Our Forest Garden is still in development – you may have noticed the boat that has appeared! Cholmondeley estate are making plans to get this finished ASAP. Our windows are also receiving some TLC along with an exterior lick of paint! If you have any suggestions of improvements we can make then we would love to hear them! We will also be sending out a questionnaire in the summer which will support our self-evaluation J


All children will be receiving a summative report in August. This report is written by their key workers and focusses on their achievements within the Early Years Foundation Stage and what milestones they are working towards.

Summer Clothing

With the weather being extremely hot at the moment please don’t forget to provide you child with a sunhat and sun cream (these can be stored here if you wish) and comfortable shoes. We recommend loose cotton clothing and lots of changes as we are using water play to keep cool! If you can sun cream your child in the morning that would also be helpful as we are utilising the cooler mornings and going straight outside to play!


Following a parent suggestion we will be holding a workshop in Tattenhall in September all to do with PHONICS! This will allow parents to ask questions about how they can support phonics at home and give ideas of simple activities they can develop at home. This will be held on Tuesday September 18th at 6.15pm – more details to follow on next month’s newsletter J

Parent Helpers

If any parents are available to support our pre-school as readers or as support for some big summer walks please let us know! We are also looking for parents who can share their profession with the children (we have already been lucky enough to have a farmer and a tractor!) or to bring in a pet then we would be very grateful!

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