November 2018 Newsletter

Parents Committee

We have some exciting news for all of the parents. Harriet and Amy are going to be starting to run a Parents Committee. Parents committee meetings will be held every term to give parents an opportunity to discuss developments of the nursery and have a voice. Please contact Harriet or Amy if you would like to join us.

Famly app

We are happy to say that our famly app is up and running! We have had such positive feedback from you all and hope you are enjoying all of the posts and updates that have been put on the app. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to message us on the app or speak to any of the staff in person.

Koala Bears
Our koala bears have been exploring their treasure baskets at home this month. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for putting in so much effort and emailing in all of your beautiful pictures of your little koala bears getting creative at home. We have also been exploring all of the wonders of mark making! The Koalas have perfected our pincer grip and whole hand grasps by using different materials such as leaves, paintbrushes, feathers and sticks to create in paint!

Panda Bears
Our panda bears have been exploring everything autumnal this month. We have been on outdoor adventures discussing and pointing out all different colours in our environment. This included the colours of all of the beautiful leaves and animals that come out during the season. We also had an amazing day celebrating our teddy bears picnic and going on a special bear hunt within the forest!

Polar Bears

As you may have seen we have a new addition to the polar bears room… a brand new SAND PIT!

We have been scooping and pouring, hiding objects, digging for treasure and using our fine motor skills to create marks within the sand.

Our polar bears have been so appreciative of the sandpit and have enjoyed incorporating it into their focused and free play activities.


Thank you to all the parents who completed questionnaires, it has been lovely to read your comments and suggestions for development! We are working hard to develop our rooms and hope you like the changes we have planned for the next month!

Staff News

Sadly Charlotte is no longer working for Sandy Bears so will no longer be our Panda Bears room leader, we all wish Charlotte all the luck in the world with her future plans.

Harriet will be moving into Pandas and will be taking on the role of room leader. Harriet will be closely supported by Natasha who is still a key worker and full time practitioner in this room J

Joining Harriet and Natasha will be Louise (who many of you may recognise!) who will also be a key worker to a group of children providing support for children and parents. . As the Panda Bear room is growing quickly we have begun to spend time mixing with the Polar Bears room. This has been working very well and gives the 2 year olds more space to move and explore all areas of the rooms with lots of adult support! It also means the Panda Room is a quiet space for children to retreat to when needed and for staff to provide focussed activities. We have decided to place 2 of our Tattenhall leaders into Pandas who have lots of experience of working in our mixed age room! They will work closely with staff to develop a routine appropriate for different ages and stages and to make an enriched and exciting environment. You will see Laura on a Wednesday and Friday and Beckie on a Thursday! All children who have had changes to their key worker including our Koala Bears will be receiving letters from their new key worker over the next week! If you have any questions please speak to Astone, Laura or Harriet.

All of our Sandy Bears had such an amazing day celebrating HALLOWEEEEN! Thank you for all of the effort that you put in to dress all of the children in spooky costumes, we had a fantastic day!

Dates for the diary
At Sandy Bears we think it is important to celebrate different cultures and of course each of our children’s interest’s. Therefore we have put together a list of days where the children can dress up and celebrate these special occasions. Alongside this we will be centering our focused activity around the specific theme for that day to extend all avenues of their learning! If your child is focused on a particular interest at home please let us know and we can explore this at Sandy Bears!

Thursday 6th December – MUDDY PUDDLE WALK!

Friday 14th December – Save the children Christmas jumper day!

Thursday 20th December – Sandy Bears Nativity & Christmas Party!

The Christmas Nativity will begin at 9.15am and we will be holding a party afterwards. Koala Bears will have a stay & play session in their room while the Nativity is taking place J

Term Dates

5th November – 20th December – Term 2

21st December – Holiday Club (no term time children to attend unless additionally booked)

2nd January – 4th January – Christmas Holiday Club

7th January – 15th February – Term 3

18th February – 22nd February – Half Term


As we are all aware, autumn is now here! However here at Sandy Bears we still love to make sure all the children have a chance to explore our outdoor areas. Therefore we would be very much appreciative if you could put in warm winter clothing for your children so they can explore outside. This can include: a water proof all in one, a coat, hats, gloves, spare socks, wellies, or outdoor socks!

We are also having LOTS of lost clothing at the moment. Please please make sure you label your clothes so we can find their home!

School Applications

A reminder to all parents of preschoolers who are due to enter reception class September 2019 the applications for school places are now open and need to be completed by 15th January 2019. You can find the admissions on the Cheshire East website :

Policy of the month

This month we have a snippet from our Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Policy. All of our policies are available online and onsite if you would like to read any of them in full. Please feel free to ask any questions to any member of staff regarding the policies.


The purpose of the policy is to ensure that:

  • the welfare of the child is paramount.
  • all children regardless of age, gender, ability, culture, race, language, religion or sexual identity have equal rights to protection
  • all staff have an equal responsibility to act on a suspicion or disclosure that may suggest a child is at risk of harm.
  • children and staff involved in Safeguarding issues receive appropriate support.
  • staff adhere to a Code of Conduct and understand what to do if a child discloses any allegations against colleagues, the Manager or Owner.

The procedures contained in this policy apply to all staff, volunteers, sessional, students, agency staff or anyone working on behalf of Sandy Bears Nursery & Pre school. All staff are trained to understand the safeguarding policy and procedures and we ensure that their knowledge on safeguarding issues are kept up to date.

Our procedures are consistent with Cheshire East Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB) child protection procedures.

Policy statement

“Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is defined for the purposes of this policy as:

  • Protecting children from maltreatment;
  • Preventing impairment of children’s health or development;
  • Ensuring that children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care; and
  • Taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes “Working Together to Safeguard Children” DfE 2018”

Child protection is a part of safeguarding and promoting welfare. It refers to the activity that is undertaken to protect specific children who are suffering, or are likely to suffer, significant harm.

  • Parents and partners in the setting are encouraged to have an understanding of their obligations regarding Child Protection by intervention as and when appropriate.
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