October 2018 Newsletter

Staff Updates

We are delighted to announce we have two brand new members of staff joining our Sandy Bears team here at Cholmondeley.

Rachel is a local mum of 2 who has come to work in our Koala & Panda Bears Room. Rachel is trained to Level 2 and is looking forward to continuing her training to become a Level 3.

Ellie has a wealth of experience working in Social Care following her degree completion in 2012. Ellie has recently moved from Cardiff and is looking forward to beginning a post graduate qualification in Early Years Teaching.

Famly App

We are so excited to announce that we have signed up for a new app for parents and staff to use. This will ensure quick communication between us on a daily basis. The Famly app will show similar to a social networking feed and will give you all the daily information on your child such as activities they have experienced, accident forms and all their food etc. Through Famly we will also send you details of all our upcoming dates, newsletters and your invoices preventing any misplaced pieces of paper! As we will now be electronic for all of our invoicing any late fees will be automatically added to your bill by the app, as we will be going live during November please ensure that all direct debits and childcare vouchers are set up to our accounts by the payments date. You can also link your payments through the app to ensure none are missed. The app will also send you any urgent notifications such closures and also allows you to log any holidays and absences. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, we will let you know about a specific ‘live’ date as soon as possible.

Koala Bears

Our Koala Bears have recently been focusing on a lot of heuristic play and exploring treasure baskets. Through this exploration, we have seen the children’s development evolve; they have been strengthening their hand eye co ordination and how they can use one object in numerous ways.
As the treasure baskets have been so successful within the Koala Bear room, Harriet and Laura, have decided to set up a miniature treasure basket that the Koala Bears can take home. This will allow the children to explore in the comfort of their own home and to show you as parents the positive impact heuristic play (and give you some play ideas too!).
For any further information on the home treasure basket please do not hesitate to ask Harriet or Laura.

Panda Bears

Our Panda Bears have recently had numerous new deliveries of resources over the past couple of weeks! These have included, a brand new fold out table to explore table top activities and give them another level to explore. Lots of craft supplies to improve and feed our mark marking skills, loose part goodies to explore on our brand new mirror table, and a train table to feed the children’s passion for transport and moving vehicles. We are evolving the room on a continuous basis so if you believe you have any resources that would have a place at Sandy Bears please do not hesitate to bring them in or ask any member of staff if it would be of any use to the setting.

Polar Bears

Last month the Polar Bears had a wonderful day celebrating the Chinese festival of the full moon. They painted using circular shaped objects and recreated their own moons using loose parts and craft materials on a large piece of card. They also hunted for circular shapes around the room.

They have also been making the most of our messy play within the Polar Bear room and outdoor area. The children have used all of their fine motor, tipping and pouring, and numerical skills to recreate pretend play ice cream parlors, bakeries and grocery shops from sand and water during free play and focused activities.

Half Term

Half term is approaching and our Polar Bears and holiday club will be celebrating all things Julia Donaldson! Each day they will be exploring activities from a different book! Wednesday will be Room on the Broom to tie in with our Halloween celebrations! If your children would like to bring any props for their favourite Julia Donaldson book then please bring them in.


As you know here at Sandy Bears we love including you all in competitions! So this month we are offering a chance to win a massive £100 off your next bill…

To win this £100 all you need to do it go on to our ‘Sandy Bears Nursery & Pre-School Cholmondeley’ Facebook page and review us including a comment on your favourite things about Sandy Bears. Once you have completed this your name will be put into a draw for the £100. The date for the entries to be completed is Wednesday 17th October!

Good Luck J


As we are all aware, autumn is now here! However here at Sandy Bears we still love to make sure all the children have a chance to explore our outdoor areas. Therefore we would be very much appreciative if you could put in warm winter clothing for your children so they can explore outside. This can include: a water proof all in one, a coat, hats, gloves, spare socks, wellies, or outdoor socks!

Dates for the diary

At Sandy Bears we think it is important to celebrate different cultures and of course each of our children’s interest’s. Therefore we have put together a list of days where the children can dress up and celebrate these special occasions. Alongside this we will be centering our focused activity around the specific theme for that day to extend all avenues of their learning!


Tuesday 16th October -Teddy Bears Picnic – please could all children bring their favourite teddy for this day!

Wednesday 31st October – Halloweeeeeenn!!

Monday 5th November– Bonfire Night

Wednesday 7th November– Diwali

Tuesday 20th November– Animals

Thursday 6th December – MUDDY PUDDLE WALK!

Friday 14th December – Save the children Christmas jumper day!

Thursday 20th December – Sandy Bears Cholmondeley Christmas Party!


Staff Blog

This month our staff blog is all about our new member of staff Amy:

Hi! My name is Amy, and I’m pretty excited to gain a position here at sandy bears!

I’ve had a wealth of experience working with children 0-16 since my first job at the tender age of 14.

My proudest moment aside from having my son Oscar, has got to be my working experience in Africa. I was only meant to volunteer for 2 weeks but stayed for over a year after obtaining a volunteer coordinator role which saw me teaching in Mozambique, work in an orphanage and build houses for those that were destroyed during cyclones! These memories will last forever!

I absolutely adore working with little ones and have extensive knowledge of Montessori and continue to add to my self-development to make sure the children in my care receive the very best they deserve.

I whole-heartedly believe that every child is a very resilient and capable little person and my approach is underpinned by passion for independence and curiosity with a dash of my love of all things Montessori.

I currently blog about mine and my sons adventures and have a passion for helping little ones and their families overcome any obstacles they may face.

I am super excited to be a part of Sandy Bears and work closely with each and every one of you! Amy x

Policy of the month

This month we have a snippet from our Administering Medicine policy. All of our policies are available online and onsite if you would like to read any of them in full. Please feel free to ask any questions to any member of staff regarding the policies.

Policy statement

While it is not our policy to care for sick children, who should be at home until they are well enough to return to the setting, we will agree to administer medication as part of maintaining their health and well-being or when they are recovering from an illness. We ensure that where medicines are necessary to maintain health of the child, they are given correctly and in accordance with legal requirements.

In many cases, it is possible for children’s GPs to prescribe medicine that can be taken at home in the morning and evening. As far as possible, administering medicines will only be done where it would be detrimental to the child’s health if not given in the setting. If a child has not had a medication before, especially a baby/child under two, it is advised that the parent keeps the child at home for the first 48 hours to ensure there are no adverse effects, as well as to give time for the medication to take effect.

Our staff are responsible for the correct administration of medication to children for whom they are the key person. This includes ensuring that parent consent forms have been completed, that medicines are stored correctly and that records are kept according to procedures. In the absence of the key person, the room leader is responsible for the overseeing of administering medication. We notify our insurance provider of all required conditions, as laid out in our insurance policy.

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